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Raw Energy & Antioxidant Trail Mix

Angie’s Raw Energy & Antioxidant Trail Mix   In honor of America’s favorite junk-food holiday, Super Bowl Sunday, I thought I would write about a healthy snack alternative.  I watched the game today, and even though I was disappointed that my Green Bay Packers didn’t even come close to being in the game, I am happy for New Orleans […]

Sweet Potato Wedges

  There is often much confusion between sweet potatoes and yams.  Both are traditionally called “sweet potatoes,” although they are not from the same plant family.  Actual sweet potatoes have an off-white-ish color and the texture of a baked potato when cooked, yet they are very sweet tasting.  Yams, also “sweet” tubers, tend to be more […]

Hippie Granola Rolls

  **Note to those who are oat-sensitive: this recipe contains oats.**  Some of us gluten-free folks can handle the oats and some cannot.  Alas – if you are one of the unfortunate, try some quinoa flakes instead.  Otherwise, you can buy oats that are guaranteed to be wheat-free, such as Lara’s Rolled Oats.  Eat at […]