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The Raw Milk Debate, Continued…

Just thought you might be interested in this blog post about the CDC’s data about raw milk: The author, David Gumpert, was one of the panelists at a Raw Milk Debate at Harvard University last week. Here is also a youtube link to that debate if you have time to listen to it: […]

“Buttermilk” Amaranth Pancakes

Though I haven’t written about it in awhile, I have been experimenting with recipes from the Sally Fallon cookbook Nourishing Traditions and at the same time tweaking some of my old recipes. Here’s an adaptation of my old brown rice flour & amaranth pancakes using the traditional method of soaking the flour overnight.  This accomplishes […]

Coconut-Shrimp Soup With Brown Rice

  I finally got the Nourishing Traditions cookbook by Sally Fallon this week! I have made some of her recipes which I found in some other books I have that she’s contributed to, but I am so excited to delve into this cookbook, which unveils the myth that it is unhealthy to eat animal fats (that’s […]