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Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread

  My mother asked me if I could adapt her zucchini bread recipe to be gluten-free so she could make some for my niece, who recently found out she has a gluten intolerance. (Zucchini bread is a big thing in Minnesota, where my mother lives.) I kind of came up with a hybrid of her recipe and […]

Confessions Of A Bread Addict

It’s happened to me several times during my 4-year gluten-free journey.  Maybe you’ve been through this before.  You wake up one day and think, it’s been a long time, maybe, just maybe, today I can eat the things I used to eat and they won’t bother me anymore.    It started on St. Patrick’s Day.  […]

How to Make Gluten-Free, Yeast-Free Sourdough Bread From Scratch (from a starter)

  In an attempt to cut my grocery bill, I decided that this week instead of paying $9 for a loaf of Grindstone Bakery gluten-free, yeast-free bread (which I love!), I would try to make my own.  I usually react to packaged active dry yeast, but I don’t react to the Grindstone bread, which does […]