Increasing Popularity Of Raw Milk

Hi all, well the growing demand for good old-fashioned straight-from-the-cow raw milk has caught the attention of the mainstream media in a favorable review on (click here).  The article discusses the difficulty of obtaining raw milk, which is perfectly legal to buy and consume anywhere in the U.S. but is illegal to sell in 42 states to varying degrees.  It talks about the benefits of consuming raw milk with all its enzymes and healthy bacteria intact and states claims by proponents that raw, unpasteurized non-homogenized milk is a natural cure for many ailments (including food allergies!) caused by years of drinking the pasteurized stuff (despite a disclaimer that regulators and “nutritional scientists” – whatever that means – deny that pasteurization destroys the most valuable nutrients).  The good news is that congressman Ron Paul recently introduced a bill that would allow for the legal distribution of raw milk products across state lines, hopefully opening the door for less stringent regulation nationwide.  Cyclist Max Kane recently conducted a cross-country trip during which he only consumed raw dairy products to publicize the case for raw milk.  Here are a couple more links of groups that support raw milk and provide more information:


Campaign For Real Milk  (

Local Harvest  (

My page titled “Milk, It Does No Body Good”

And the html address for the article to paste in your browser if the above link doesn’t work:


It’s the cow, stupid


To all the naysayers who balk at the safety of raw, unpasteurized milk – it’s all about the health of the cow and its living conditions.  If the cow is eating “garbage,” its milk is going to contain lots of bad bacteria.  But if the cow is healthy and eating a natural diet of grass instead of acid-forming grain, its milk is going to be healthy and safe to drink.  The cleanliness of the dairy in which the milk is produced is also a huge factor.  Also, the mere presence of good bacteria makes it harder for the bad bacteria to grow. 


But not to worry, no one is trying to force the industry to stop pasteurizing milk.  All that we’re hoping for is for people to have access to real, raw dairy products if they so choose.  After years of abstaining from milk and milk products, I have lost much desire to actually drink milk, however I have been regularly consuming raw goat cheese with much success.  After reading this article however, I am feeling motivated to try some type of raw dairy product, be it cheese, cream, or actual milk.  Luckily I live in California, where it is legal to sell raw milk.  I’ll be visiting the farmers market this weekend, and I’ll keep you posted.

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