Presidential Food Policies

Many of you know I am a huge fan of Michael Pollan, food writer and journalist for the New York Times Magazine.  If you haven’t read Omnivore’s Dilemma or In Defense Of Food, you need to.  Michael Pollan is one of our strongest advocates for healthy eating, leading a movement from an industrial, processed food system toward a more sustainable way of producing food locally and organically.  Here is a link to his most recent article in the NY Times magazine, “Farmer In Chief” – an open letter to our next president advising food policies that benefit our health, the environment, and national security.  It’s a must-read.  You will be surprised to learn of the problems created when we moved from a solar-energy-based food chain to a fossil-fuel-driven agricultural system of monocultures; how much the way in which we get our food affects much more than just our health; and what we need to do to move beyond the era of cheap food. 


Check it out:

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