What Really Causes Celiac Disease?

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Just wanted to share another great piece from the Sunday NY Times about gluten (they are giving it a fair share of attention lately!).

This one is a theory about what really causes celiac disease, based on a study comparing celiac rates among Finnish and Russian populations (who have similar genetics and consume similar varieties of wheat). The rate of celiac disease (and other auto-immune diseases) is much higher among the Finnish population, and scientists attribute that to the fact that the Russians have a more robust microbial culture in their gut. The thinking goes that the better bacteria in the gut reduce inflammation, limiting the reaction to gluten and thus preventing the onset of celiac disease. Just one more reason to take probiotics! And breastfeed your baby! And not be afraid of a little dirt or of your toddler putting dirt in his mouth – that’s one way that our gut gets populated with good bacteria 😉

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