New Gluten-Free Bakery In the SF Bay Area!

Hello readers, for those of you who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, just a quick shout out to let you know there is a new gluten-free bakery in town, Bacano Bakery. For the moment, they are only selling at farmers’ markets, until they build up their business and acquire a storefront, which will hopefully be soon! They make AWESOME gluten-free multigrain bread, and I’ve tried several of their baked goods (such as peanut butter cookies, quinoa-carot cake bars, and pumpkin-pecan scones) and they are delicious and wholesome, and don’t use a lot of sugar compared to other gluten-free bakeries I’ve been to. They use local, seasonal ingredients and many ancient grains such as quinoa & teff. Help support their business by looking for them at the farmer’s market. They are currently at the Grand-Lake market in Oakland and hopefully others (as well as local grocery stores) soon! Visit their site at

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