Welcome Baby Erin


Hello everyone, forgive my absence lately. Almost 6 weeks ago, on April 16th, baby Erin Leah came into the world. I have had my hands full ever since then and have not done any cooking!! In fact, if I am able to feed myself at all, it is something readily prepared and often involves eating while bouncing on the ball with the baby in the Moby wrap. Thanks to friends who have brought us meals those first few weeks, and my husband for feeding me while I feed the baby.

It has been a challenging first month and a half. During the delivery I lost a significant amount of blood, and as a result, my milk was slow to come in and low in supply for about the first month. I have had to go back to all my iron-rich foods to build my blood. That includes all the red meats like lamb, grass-fed beef, chicken liver, and dark leafy greens such as kale, spinach & seaweed. In addition, there are foods that help increase milk supply that I have also been incorporating, like oats, bone broths & fenugreek. I have a whole host of herbs & iron supplements that I take daily, but it has all paid off. My hemoglobin is now in normal range and I finally have an abundant milk supply, and I feel like myself again physically, except for the lack of sleep!!

Erin, however, was born perfect. She is a 100% healthy baby girl, and at 8 lbs 11 oz. it seems that she got plenty of good nutrition while she was in the womb! I look forward to seeing her develop and am grateful to be able to nourish her with all the healthy traditional whole foods that I continue to eat, and eventually introduce to her when she is ready. It will be an awesome journey.

Anyway, I am starting to catch my breath again and feel some semblance of normalcy, and hopefully in a few weeks the most difficult period will have passed and I will have time & energy to cook and write again. Hang in there with me, I will be back in action soon!!

Cheers & happy eating :)


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