Article in EcoSalon on Elimination Diets

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know I was quoted in an article by Rosie Spinks in the online magazine EcoSalon about elimination diets. It’s a pretty good article and explores the debate between those who say food sensitivities (such as gluten intolerance) are just a “fad” and those who say food sensitivities are real and affect our health despite not being as severe as a true food allergy.  Here’s the link:

Alright eveyone, I am due next week (give or take) so wish me luck and hopefully I’ll be back writing soon from the other side…I had meant to post more recipes recently but this last month has been a lot more tiring and I have mostly been sticking to routine recipes and not getting too creative (and also letting my husband cook more!). Anyway, keep cooking & eating healthy and I’ll be back soon!

P.S. I wanted to thank those who supported my campaign – we were successful!! My CD will be produced later this month. I will put a link on the site later if anyone else is interested in ordering one at some point.

Happy eating!! :)

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