Wild Salmon-Salad


The great news I had this week is that I got my latest lab work back and my iron shot way up to mid range after only a month, the B-vitamins are perfect and the white blood count numbers are half-way to normal.  My accupuncturist said that she could tell that the jump in iron was dietary, since people don’t usually respond to supplements that fast. So I guess all the liver and clams & oysters and lamb were worth it!  And I feel much better too.


Just a quick easy recipe idea this week.  My husband is in grad school right now and so he often packs his lunch to take with him when he has a long day (the on-campus food options are quite limited!).  Lately I started making this amazing salmon-salad, which he can either use to make a sandwich on gluten-free bread, build a Teff Tortilla wrap, or just take a small container and put it on top of a fresh salad at the salad bar.  It’s so easy and delicious.


1 can wild pink salmon (Trader Joes’  Red Salmon is great), drained

1 T dijon mustard

1 T chopped chives or scallions

1-2 T diced red bell pepper


Mix all the ingredients together with a fork, and serve it on a fresh green salad, in a teff-tortilla wrap, or on gluten-free bread.  Enjoy!

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