I Eat My Eggs Sunny-Side Up

Zesty Sunny-Side Up Eggs With Black Beans, Arugula & Corn Tortillas

Zesty Sunny-Side Up Eggs With Black Beans, Arugula & Corn Tortillas


With all the hype going on lately regarding the salmonella egg outbreak, people all over the country are scared to death of eggs, much less a little runny egg-yolk.  But not me.  I confidently eat my eggs as runny as can be.  Why, you ask?  Because I know exactly where my eggs came from and what the chickens were fed and that the risk of salmonella is extremely low to non-existent.  Salmonella only became a threat when we started industrializing egg production and moving chickens onto huge factory farms where they are crowded together in horrid living conditions and are far more likely to get sick and carry and spread diseases.  The eggs they produce are also much less healthier than eggs from hens raised on pasture, where they feed on grasses and grubs as chickens have evolved to eat.  (See The Good Egg)  I proudly prepare my pasture-raised eggs from the farmers’ market and enjoy them as runny as can be.


For the above dish, I fried my eggs in a little bacon fat just until the whites are set, added salt & pepper, and then served them on a corn tortilla with a spoonful of homemade pesto and a splash of Cholula hot sauce.  It was delicious with some black beans, fresh avocado and wild arugula.

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