Sprouted Graw-nola

Raw Granola

Raw Granola


This week I was planning to make a batch of my granola and at the last minute stopped by the gluten-free bakery only to find out they were OUT of gluten-free oats!  They are the only place near me that I know has them, so I was out of luck.  And out of ideas for breakfast the next morning.  However, I did still have all the rest of the supplies – almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, dates, and some goat’s milk yogurt that needed to be eaten. 


Well, I could still make granola, but it would be grain-free and since there’s a greater amount of nuts it would be healthier if it were raw.  Nuts and seeds contain enzyme inhibitors that keep you from digesting and absorbing many of the nutrients, but these enzyme inhibitors are greatly reduced if you soak the nuts prior to eating them.  Usually overnight works well, in a glass container on the countertop with filtered water. 


Some people use a dehydrator to dry out their nuts and seeds after sprouting, for crunchiness and easier storage.  I don’t have a dehydrator, though I want to get one, and I was only planning to make what I need for the next morning so I wasn’t worried about storage.  I simply drained and rinsed the nuts and seeds, sweetened them with fresh medjool dates and topped everything with the goat yogurt and a handful of fresh berries.  It was perfect, and satisfied my appetite until past noon.  In a pinch, it was what I needed to get by until I can stock up on gluten-free oats again.

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