The Quest for Gluten-Free Pizza


Of all the things I miss since I went gluten-free and dairy-free five years ago, pizza tops the list.  And I’ve been craving it a lot lately.  But I knew the universe was listening to me when, a couple of weeks ago, I was walking home and discovered a pizzeria that I had walked past a hundred times was now serving gluten-free pizza!  I could not believe my eyes.  I went inside, grabbed a take-out menu, and went home to ponder the options.  They even had soy mozzarella and goat cheese!  This was my lucky day.  After reading the menu, I thought about when would be the best time to take advantage of my new find.  I decided to order out on Academy Awards night, when I would probably be too distracted to cook.  So last Sunday night, I brought home a delicious pie with pancetta, roasted garlic and red peppers (I passed on the cheese).  At home, I added some braised Swiss chard and a touch of fresh-grated pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese).  It was absolutely divine.  I could tell that the crust was a little different, but with such savory sauce, it was close enough.


I wondered how long this place had been there, serving gluten-free pizza in my neighborhood, before I became aware of it.  So I wanted to share this information, in case any Bay Area readers would like to check it out.  It’s called Pizza Rustica, 5422 College Ave in North Oakland. 


There is also a restaurant in the west village in New York that I came across on a recent trip that has gluten-free pizza as well, called Gusto Organics.  They had a lot of fresh, delicious gluten-free items on their menu (including a quinoa pilaf), but their pizza was very different from traditional pizza and the sauce left something to be desired.   But if you are in the neighborhood, they are at West 14th and Avenue of the Americas.


If any of you know of restaurants that serve gluten-free pizza in your area, please share!

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