Hooray For Health Care Reform…Wait, What?

It is ironic that today, the day that Massachusetts elected a Republican who vowed to stop health care reform in its tracks, we got a letter from our health insurance company saying that they are going to raise our premium by 70 percent.  SEVENTY percent.  Is that even legal??  Not that they ever paid a dime for any claim I’ve ever filed, our deductible is so high.  And not that I file that many claims – I keep myself in good health with proper nutrition and exercise so that I rarely need to go to the doctor (except for when I fell off my bike 6 months ago, the claims for which still have not been paid by my supplemental accident policy and require me to make several irritated phone calls every month).  I am tempted to just cancel my insurance but you never know what unexpected calamity may come your way.  I am just grateful that for now I am in good health and that I have the awareness to know just how important it is to eat right, and what eating right means, because it seems like that is the only way to keep from entering the “sick care” system we have in this country right now.  And I can only hope that in the near future there will be enough will to foment serious change (not just lip service) to the inefficient, inequitable, ridiculously expensive, beaurocratic debacle that we call our health care system.

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