Happy Thanksgiving!


Turkey & Cornbread Stuffing With Gravy, Sweet Potatoes & Green Beans
Turkey & Cornbread Stuffing With Gravy, Sweet Potatoes & Green Beans


Happy holidays everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed a delicious meal, fun times & good company.  We had a lovely day, starting with watching the Packer game while enjoying a deviled egg and some bacon-wrapped stuffed Medjool dates (yum!).  After that we went to an early gathering with some of my husband’s co-workers, to which I brought a fresh cabbage & apple cole slaw in a light olive-oil & cider vinaigrette.  It was the only green item on the table and was a big hit.  Then we came home and prepared a very tasty meal of roasted brined turkey leg, cornbread stuffing, balsamic-maple-dijon sweet potatoes and lemon-herbed green beans, followed by my dairy-and-gluten-free pumpkin pie.  The only downside was that just as we were sitting down to eat, we discovered a leak in the bathroom ceiling coming from the upstairs unit, so by the time we dealt with that our food was a bit cold!  At least the leftovers were warm and tasty!  


The good news is my husband bought me a new D-SLR camera as an early Christmas present!  I am having fun learning how to take shots with all the different settings and lighting and looking forward to finally having some gorgeous photos of food to share!  I will be posting some recipes soon, including one for mayo-less deviled eggs and gluten-free cornbread stuffing. 


Thank you to all of you who have shared your holiday recipes and ideas over the past week, I hope your meal turned out wonderfully and have a fabulous weekend!

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