Apple-Turnip Chicken Salad

Apple-Turnip Chicken Salad

Apple-Turnip Chicken Salad


Last week I got these beautiful turnips at the farmers’ market.  I love a crisp, ripe white turnip and could just eat it raw – they are so sweet!  These were great because the greens were in good shape so I used them to make juice in the morning and then I tossed a few smaller ones in with some mustard salad greens to make a spicy, tasty salad tossed in a light balsamic dijon vinaigrette.  The turnips I diced into 1/2-inch cubes and combined them with diced apple, cippolini onion, walnuts, dijon, and some leftover cooked chicken breast for a delicious fall chicken salad to top the greens.  It was lovely.


Lately I have tried to make the best economocial use of the food I buy.  That means trying to use every scrap and throw very little away.  It means using the greens from the vegetables I buy to make juice (works well for radishes and turnips, but carrot & celery greens are bitter), and using vegetable trimmings and chicken bones to make delicious stock for cooking.  When I cook a chicken breast for dinner, I don’t buy those boneless, skinless breasts.  I get a big one with the bones and the skin because then I can make stock as well.  (Since I started making my own stock, I will never go back to buying those cartons of store-bought stock again.)  I know I’ve raved about making chicken stock before, but this is one of the easiest ways to do it.  I simply peel back the skin, slice off a nice fillet of chicken breast for cooking (leaving some meat on the bone), and throw the rest of it (skin also) in the crock pot.  I add enough water to cover and throw in a few vegetable trimmings from dinner (the end of a carrot, slice of onion, broccoli stems, celery, etc) and generous pinch of salt.  Turn the crockpot on high and let it cook for a few hours (till after you’ve had your dinner and cleaned up and are winding down for the night).  If you had any drippings left from your dinner, don’t throw it out – pour it in the pot as well, it will add more flavor.  When the remaining meat is ready to fall off the bones, take it out of the pot and remove the meat (let it cool a little first!), refrigerate it, and toss the bones back in the pot to cook on low setting overnight.  In the morning you will have the most delicious smelling chicken stock.  And you’ll have the perfect amount of chicken breast for a nice salad.


Apple-Turnip Chicken Salad


1 crisp fuji apple

2 medium white turnips

1 small cippolini onion

handful of walnuts

dollop of dijon mustard

leftover cooked chicken breast

pinch of salt


Dice all ingredients and mix together in a bowl with a fork.  Whisk up a simple balsamic-dijon dressing (3 parts olive oil, 1 part each balsamic vinegar & dijon mustard) and toss with some fresh salad greens.  Top with a generous helping of chicken salad and garnish with brown rice crackers.


Makes about 2 salads.

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