Pancetta & Pastured-Egg Frittata With Peppers & Cilantro

Pancetta Frittata

Pancetta Frittata


Change is in the air.  On a whim we decided to move out of our 600-square-foot 1 bedroom apartment and within a week we were lucky enough to find a 900-square-foot flat with a dining room and huge kitchen.  So, this week we are moving.  I’m so excited!  But that means a lot of packing to do in a short time.  So, you might not hear from me in a little while.


Meanwhile, I wanted to share some pics of a lovely frittata I made this weekend with pancetta and some fresh peppers & cilantro from the farmers’ market.  Peppers are in season now!  I love the deep green poblanos and sweet red bells.  And of course, I get my pasture-raised eggs from the farmers’ market as well–their bright orange yolks are loaded with omega-3’s, beta carotene and more flavor than any I’ve ever tasted.  I will never buy eggs at the store again.


Pasture-raised eggs, fresh cilantro, onion & poblano pepper


Frittatas are easy.  Just saute your onions, peppers, pancetta, or whatever you want to put in them in a bit of olive oil.  Meanwhile, whisk the eggs, adding a pinch of sea salt and fresh chopped herbs such as cilantro or parseley.  When the onions and peppers are tender, push the pancetta to the edge of the pan (or remove) and pour in the eggs on top of the vegetables.  Let it cook until nearly solid, then gently flip and cook for another minute or two.  Cut into portions, top with fresh cracked pepper, and serve.  A frittata with 3-4 large eggs is enough for 2 portions.  I often serve it with some hot cooked polenta for a hearty breakfast.



By the way, have you seen Julie & Julia?  We caught it yesterday – it was absolutely delightful!  Though I was having strange cravings for butter and boeuf bourguignon…anyway, you simply must go see it.  I’ll be back after the move!

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