Sprouted Buckwheat & Fig Salad

Sprouted Buckwheat & Fig Salad

Sprouted Buckwheat & Fig Salad

This was one of those accidental discoveries when I was trying to use up a bunch of fresh dill, some figs and extra green tops from a bunch of spring onions.  I ambitiously decided to make a nice crisp salad with some sprouted grains.  Sprouted grains are supposed to be really high in protein and enzymes and all the nutrients readily available to be absorbed.  The sprouting process removes digestive inhibitors and makes the grains really easy to digest.

I’ve been wanting to get into sprouting grains (easier than cooking when the weather is hot, and more nutritious) but haven’t had much luck in the past.  I don’t like dealing with those messy containers and cheese cloths and the rinsing and everything seems to go bad before it actually starts sprouting.  But buckwheat is one of those easy grains that sprouts so quickly it doesn’t require much time or maintenance.  I’ve read that you should let it soak for 6-8 hours, then rinse and drain it well and let it aerate for 24 hours for properly sprout it.  But what I did was let it soak for almost 24 hours and then rinsed and drained it well and immediately used it in this recipe. They were soft yet slightly crunchy with a nutty flavor.  I felt very energetic after eating the salad.  I would welcome anyone’s feedback on the sprouting process and what works for them.  If you’re not too keen on sprouting, you can make this same recipe by cooking the buckwheat (boil in water for 15 minutes) and then refrigerating until cool.

Whisk together the olive oil, agave, lemon juice and zest.  Add the remaining ingredients and toss.  Serve chilled.

1 cup raw buckwheat groats, sprouted

5-6 chopped fresh figs

2-3 T olive oil

1 T agave nectar

1 T fresh squeezed lemon juice

Lemon zest

Fresh dill, parsley & green onion, chopped

Sea salt

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