Home-made Ginger Ale

Home-made Ginger Ale

Home-made Ginger Ale


I haven’t had a soda in years.  I used to drink Diet Coke like water, or rather, instead of water.  Especially back when I was working in a restaurant.  I had free access to as much soda as I could possibly want, at all times.  I gave it up when I learned that cola has the same effect of say, battery acid, on your stomach.  So I decided to start drinking water instead of soda, at the prodding of a friend.  It was unbelievable how much better I felt.  Now I am shocked at how people survive drinking so much soda instead of water – but the evidence is clear, in the statistics of the rising cases of diabetes and obesity.  When we drink our calories from those Big Gulp cups at convenience stores and fast-food chains, our bodies don’t know what to do with all that corn syrup and sugar (or aspartame).  And all that acid affects digestion and pulls calcium from the bones.  One more thing it does is affect your thirst, making you lose your taste for water.  We should be drinking 8 glasses of pure, uncarbonated water per day. 


Most of the time I don’t have any interest in soda, but I get the occasional craving, like when I go to the movies and smell popcorn and miss the old days when we’d get a big bucket of buttery corn and a 7up.  Or when it’s a beautiful summer day and I just want to sit out on the porch with an ice-cold glass of something bubbly.  So I created my own home-made ginger ale, using fresh pressed ginger, lime, agave nectar and club soda.


2-inch piece of fresh ginger (more or less, depending on desired spice)

2 tsp agave nectar (more or less, depending on desired sweetness)

Juice of 1 small lime

Club soda

Cracked ice


Press the ginger through a juicer, if you have one, or you can use a garlic press, but that’s a little messier.  The first one I made I used a LOT of ginger, and it was super strong.  The second one I only used a 1-inch piece and I ended up adding more because I wanted it spicier.  Stir the agave in with the ginger and taste for desired sweetness/spice level before adding ice to the glass.  Then add lime and top with club soda.  Pour into another glass to mix well, then garnish with a lime.

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